About Us

Bring In Your Electrical Transmission!


Our shop is the most experienced transmission repair shop in Palm Beach. We have a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+. We have all of the latest technology needed to do thorough repairs on electronically controlled automatic transmissions as well as manual transmissions.

We also repair transaxles and 4X4s. Come in to have your transfer case examined, or your shaft repaired.

We can do rebuilds and so much more. You'll love the way your car drives once you see us.

If you notice any leaks, then you should call us right away. It could be a danger to you if left unchecked.

Call Upon Those Who Care About You


We've loved serving our community for the past 25 years. If you need a ride, then you can leave your vehicle with us and we'll get you to work or home.

Get your car serviced by technicians who know how to handle the latest, greatest diagnostic equipment. Don't forget that preventative maintenance also goes a long way. Schedule an appointment with us today.

We can do a tune up which comes with a new transmission filter, transmission pan gasket, and new fluid. Check out our affilate shops - AA One Transmissions in Coral Springs, and AA One Transmissions in Fort Lauderdale.



About every 15,000 miles, your car is going to need transmission service. You may need to come in a little more often than that if you're driving in extreme temperatures, or dealing with a high mileage vehicle.

If you have problems, then you can expect our specialists to provide state-of-the-art automatic transmission repair. You will also get an electrical diagnosis with your transmission service.

You can also get a diagnosis for a non-electric car as we are knowledgeable in all cars, new and old.